Keeling Design 2.0  

I have been working on this redesign for several weeks now, and finally I am ready to begin rolling it out. There remains many tasks to complete, much to improve and endless testing. Nonetheless I am excited to finally start publishing the results.

Featured Work

These examples of work represent a span of experience in user interface and communication design, which began with traditional print media and progressed toward new media and dynamic web design.

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About this Site


Keeling Design is the online home of Shawn Keeling, a web designer living and working in Bonn, Germany.

Fav iPhone Apps

color stream

Color Stream: a fantastic app for working with color palettes

real racing

Real Racing: the best track racing to appear on the iPhone

dictionary a compact and mobile translations dictionary

Currently Reading

Front End Drupal

Front End Drupal is 100% focused on issues of site design, behavior, usability, and management. The authors show how to style Drupal sites, make the most of Drupal’s powerful templating system